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Introducing our project: Noyemi Pia.

Introducing our project: Noyemi Pia.

Our journey in the children's fashion industry commenced with the NOYEMI PIA project. Through this endeavor, Aleksandra Ataca diligently established her name and cultivated a prestigious reputation within the industry.

Aleksandra is an accomplished Creative director, Image Maker, Brand Evangelist, Editor, Social Media Influencer, Visual Marketing, Brand Development specialist, and Fashion Photographer with a successful track record of international work.

Noyemi Pia is a Fashion Globetrotter, International Influencer, Cover Model and Muse of many kid's fashion brands. Together with her mom, they travel the world exploring the world of fashion.

We've curated a showreel showcasing our most cherished moments and notable accomplishments.

Credits for projects showcased in the video:

All photography, styling, concepts, production, PR and branding is by Aleksandra Ataca, president of Alexandra Concept Corp. All rights reserved (c).

To learn more about NOYEMIPIA visit website or instagram account

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