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Alexandra Concept Corp is a multifaceted company with an ecosystem of mutually complementing profit centers to address people’s desire for more fulfilling, fashionable, and active lifestyles for themselves and their children. 

Alexandra Concept Corp owns and develops several projects. 

Alexandra Concept creative agency is offering full-circle approach to businesses and private clients.

Junior style is our media outlet and community of people interested in kids fashion, it is largest kids fashion network globally. 

Cult Label offers a unique collection of cult kids' clothes and accessories to little fashionistas, as well as to stylists, editors, and photographers. Whether you're searching for a birthday party look, a specific red carpet look, or in need of a high-style prop for a photo shoot, Cult Label can help! From rare haute couture dresses to iconic kids' fashion brands, we have a vast collection to choose from. 

Noyemi Pia is a personal project of Aleksandra Ataca and her daughter.


President and owner.

Aleksandra Ataca owns and operates Alexandra Concept Corp. Aleksandra is an accomplished Creative director, Image Maker, Brand Evangelist, Editor, Social Media Influencer, Visual Marketing, Brand Development specialist, and Fashion Photographer with a successful track record of international work in the Fashion Magazine Industry, Television Industry, Social Media, Fashion Shows, and Exhibitions. Brand Evangelist, Advisor, Promoter, and Influencer for established, as well as up-and-coming, children's clothing companies and accessories.


Throughout an extensive professional career of over 15 years, Aleksandra has assembled a vast international network of connections and professional experience with prominent individuals and businesses. 

Aleksandra Ataca’s works were published in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Yahoo News, and many more.


Her clients includes CWF group: Kids Around, Lanvin, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Melijoe Paris,  Jeune Premier, Kids Atelier, Melis Kaptanoglu Kids, Bleu Commes Gris and many more.

Aleksandra has extensive experience with projects all over the world - Paris, Milan, Florence, Venice, London, Riga, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York.

Aleksandra Ataca

Alexandra concept

Alexandra Concept is a creative agency and production company offering visual marketing services and professional photography for businesses and private clients.


junior style

Junior Style is the influencer of influencers. 

Junior Style community is the leading online destination for independent children's fashion globally.


noyemi pia

Noyemi Pia is a fashion blog and lifestyle of famous kid blogger and her mother behind the lens.

noyemi pia

cult label

Cult Label is a kid's fashion rental project. We offer cult designs for rent for occasions and fashion pulls for photoshoots.

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